Digital Marketing Internship with Fame House in Philadelphia, PA

Fame House is a company in the digital space, specializing in Digital Marketing for the music industry. Fame House works with various artists, labels, festivals, and management companies to efficiently help accelerate their business through digital marketing management and initiatives. Clients include Eminem, Pretty ...

Writing Your Resume: Prove It or Lose It

Let’s say you’re at a party and you meet two people, we’ll call them Bill and Ted, who both work in social media. You ask them to tell you more about their work. So, who are you more likely to believe actually knows their ...

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Tell your friends not to send you text, and keep your notes and start again ready and wait if you are ready for a telephone interview. And waiting. And waiting some more because the phone just won’t ring. So, what do you do when ...

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Music Industry Leads the Digital Revolution

The music industry, from the inside, is often seen as a battle between the so-called “old guard” and the “new.” Some argue that there is an unending split between those who quickly embraced digital technology and those who tried to fight it. As the ...

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Marketing Internship with Fame House Music in Philadelphia, PA

Internship with GRAMMY U / The Recording Academy in Santa Monica, CA