Intern Like A Rockstar is about empowering and inspiring future music industry leaders by providing access to the information and opportunities it takes to get started in the music business and have a positive impact. The site was inspired by a conversation between a few interns at an artist management firm who discussed how hard it can be to break in to the music industry despite the fact that new technologies have helped democratize the creative side of music. One of those interns was Katie Reilly, founder of the site, and she decided to do something to change that.

After completing numerous internships and additional research, Katie launched Intern Like a Rockstar, a blog that features regular posts from six media industry bloggers, as well as guest posts and internship listings. It provides tips and advice to help you find, learn about, and excel in music and entertainment internships and turn it into a career. We share what we wish we had known to help you succeed.

Katie Reilly

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Katie is the creator of Intern Like a Rockstar. She holds an MBA and a BS in Music Industry. She has interned at record labels, a management company, a venture capital firm, an industry trade organization, a radio station, a publishing company, and a performing rights society. She loves working in digital marketing/new media to connect fans with artists.

Lauren Mack

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Lauren holds a BS in Music Industry and is currently pursuing a JD with a concentration in Intellectual Property. She has spent time interning for law firms, independent record labels, and a major label while in school and is an online marketer for musical artists in her spare time. She loves to write about what happens when new technologies clash with old copyright laws, and plans to practice transactional law for the tech and entertainment industries once she graduates.

Katie Hazard

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Katie is a digital media artist and designer who holds a degree in Digital Media. She currently works in design for mobile platforms but as a student her internship experiences included work with a major media company. She created the Intern Like A Rockstar logo and contributes advice related to media, design, and general career advice.

Nathan Schied

Nathan’s posts
Nathan is an audio engineer working in upstate New York. He holds a degree in music industry from the College of Saint Rose, is currently the full-time FOH engineer at two music venues, and has been listed in the pages of Pro Sound News. He is also actively engaged in studio recording and mixing – as his neighbors will verify.