21 things only music business majors will understand

1) Going to a music festival isn’t just fun for you, it’s a religious experience.

Saddeer, via dancinginthedaycingintheday

2) You hear a new song and you must find out everything about who wrote, played, or produced it.

3) You can name the record label each of your favorite bands are on.

4) You spend your summers working for no pay while your friends are relaxing or making money.

5) When everyone wants to tell you about how terrible of an idea it is to go into the music industry.

6) Sometimes the guest speaker for your class is a celebrity.

7) And someone famous probably went to your school in your major. No big deal.

8) You get really offended if someone uses the wrong genre to describe a musician you like.

9) The music on your computer takes up most of your hard drive and you’re baffled when friends tell you they don’t really have much music.

10) When people find out your major and get confused.

11) When people find out your major and think you just sit in class listening to Spotify all day.

12) When you find a new band you like and you have to tell everyone because they’re going to be the next big thing.

13) You’re kind of shocked when someone offers to pay you for work, even if it isn’t very much.

14) You don’t just dislike a musician, you could write a thesis about why.

15) You work for a record label, radio station, concert promoter or some other student-run business owned by your university and it’s basically a full-time job on top of classes.

16) When someone thinks they understand the music industry and they don’t.

17) For every “bad internship” experience your friends in other majors have you have one that’s far worse. Wait, you had to alphabetize files all day? That was a good day for us.

18) You love musicians, but you really find their managers to be so much more interesting.

19) You made a delivery person bring food to a random building at your school because you were still there working on a music project at 4 am.

20) “You can come to the show with me if you want but I have to work.”

21) You don’t care what anyone else thinks you love your major and you’re going to run the music business someday.

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