Where to start when you have no experience in the music industry

So you want a job or internship in the music industry but you have no experience and everything you want to require seems to require more experience than seems possible. Like that entry level job as an assistant that wants 3-5 years of experience. Really?

So what they heck do you do when you have no experience but you need experience to get it (talk about a catch 22!). You create your own. With some creativity, you can create relevant experience for almost any area of the music industry and doing show will demonstrate that you’re motivated, hard-working, and entrepreneurial, making that self-made experience look fantastic on your resume. Technology has made access to the music industry easier and more affordable than ever before so take advantage of it and forge your own path. Here are some advice for how to get started:

If you want to be a…

Concert promoter / Booking agent
If you want experience booking bands or promoting shows you simply need a show to promote or a band to book. That might sound ridiculous, but it’s really as simple as asking your friend if you can set up some shows for his band or asking your college if you can host an open mic night in your dorm’s common area. If this sounds totally impossible, try starting a blog or Youtube channel where you review concerts.

Again, if you want to be a manager you just need a band to start managing. There are plenty of indie musicians that would rather just focus on their art and ignore the business, so if you’re business savvy try building a relationship with a local band you love and volunteering to help them out.

If your dream job is something like working for Buzzfeed or Rollingstone, start with a blog where you write about your favorite musicians, interview local bands, review shows, or whatever else inspires you.

This one is similar to but a little easier than getting management or concert experience because you don’t necessarily need to start with a musician. You could volunteer to help a friend sell their art, film, book, photography, invention, business, dog walking services, or whatever else it may be. You’ll still gain great experience setting prices, developing messaging, creating marketing materials, etc.

Producer / engineer
They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything. So get started early. You don’t need access to a fancy studio, you just need some basic audio equipment, a laptop, and Logic or ProTools (both have student discounts). You might not start out knowing what levels are or how to properly place a microphone, but that’s ok the GRAMMY winner producers all had to start somewhere too.

Got any other ideas or clever ways you gained experience in music? Let us know in the comments.

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