May 08, 2014

All I'm Askin' is For A Little Respect

In school, when you had a substitute teacher your first reaction was probably "yes, we can relax." Some of your classmates probably quite literally put their feet up and decided to do nothing. Maybe they took things even further and outright broke the rules or attempted to get away with things they otherwise would never attempt. "This test is actually open notes." "We're allowed to have our phones in this class." Sound familiar? It seems innocent enough, but really it's all disrespectful. It's saying to that teacher that they are not worthy of your attention or attentiveness.

What does this have to do with career success? Well, you may overlook that receptionist or secretary just as you would that substitute teacher. You may look down on them, fail to thank them for their help, ignore them, or simply be rude to them. That would be a huge mistake. See, just as that substitute can write up a report telling your "regular" teacher how you behaved and can still land you a detention as a result, you can bet that CEO is going to ask his or her assistant for an opinion before making a hiring decision. Don't overlook someone just because you don't feel they are a decision maker. Everyone deserves your respect and you should treat them as such. If you don't you may not feel the consequences right away, but they will certainly exist. 
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