A Day in the Life of a Music Business Major at Belmont University

This is a guest post from Teresa Sapichino. Teresa is a Sophomore at Belmont University majoring in Music Business with a business emphasis. Since attending Belmont Teresa has worked many events such as, Country Radio Seminar, Tin Pan South, and All 4 The Hall. She aspires to work in publicity and is expected to graduate May 2017.

Hey Y’all!

I just finished my freshman year at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. It was a crazy year and my second semester much more so! With school two days a week, interning two more days and then having the weekend off it tends to catch up to you! Lets also not forget working all differentkind’s of events or going to different shows at least once a week! This is just the life of a Music Business student and it’s a lot to adjust to but if you love it, it comes easy! So, I’m going to give Y’all a sample of what a normal day would look like for me! (Taken right from my calendar!)

Thursday March 27,
7:45 AM- Wake Up
8 AM -3:15 PM-CLASS
3:20 PM-4 PM- Get ready for Tin Pan South (Songwriter festival in Nashville, TN)
4:05 PM-4:30 PM- Pick up supplies from NSAI and go to Hard Rock
4:30 PM-End of show- Run Hard Rock Café, Tin Pan South Shows
11:30 PM- Get home, Do homework for the day.

For a week in March I worked a songwriters festival as a venue coordinator, So basically I was in-charge of making sure the venue ran smoothly and all of the volunteers understood what they have to do and helped them with anything they needed!

On Monday’s and Wednesdays I would Intern and a normal day for that looked a lot like this.

Monday, January 27, 2014
8:00 AM Wake up
9:30 AM -2:30 PM- Intern
3 PM-3:15: Get ready for CRS (Country Radio Seminar) Interview
3:20 PM- 4 PM: Walk to CRS office and interview
4:10-4:30PM Walk back to Belmont and leave for CMT Listen Up! Taping
5 PM- End Of Show: Taping for CMT Listen Up!

And for the days that I’m just going to Class this is what it looks like!

7:45 AM- Wake up
8 AM- 9:15 AM: Survey of Recording Technology
9:30 AM-10:45 AM: Popular Music Experience
11 AM- 12:15 PM: Rhetoric of Country Music
12:30 PM-1:45 PM: Survey of Recording Technology
2 PM- 3:15 PM: Fundamentals of Speech Communications.

That pretty much sums up what an average day would look like! Mind you there were plenty days that I would sit in my dorm and do Homework all night or catch up on the sleep I missed during the days / weeks that there wasn’t much time for sleeping. There is always time for friends scheduled in my daily calendar because even though you have tons of work you have make time for your friends or you will go crazy! Even if you eat lunch or dinner with them! I also tend to forget that you have to eat dinner until the dinning hall is about to close or is already closed so that became a problem, so don’t forget to eat…and sleep. It really does catch up with you! Feel free to email me just to chat or to ask any questions!

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