May 27, 2014

Can Music Streaming Be Profitable?

Infographic: Will Music Streaming Ever Be Profitable? | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

These days music is everywhere, but that doesn't mean people are necessarily buying it. Streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio, and even Youtube provide on-demand accessibility along with plenty of controversy. Music news sites are full of posts decrying how little artists make from internet streams and how much the companies providing these services struggle to earn a profit. If music streaming and instant access is to be the way of the future though, it will need a sound, and fair, business model to back it.

Here's a look from Statista at the profits of two of the biggest names in music streaming: Spotify and Pandora.

"Both companies are generating more than $500 million in annual revenue from advertising and subscriptions. Yet both companies share the same problem: As user numbers rise and revenue subsequently increases, so do licensing fees and other costs...An analysis published by Generator Research last year concluded that the streaming business in its current state was "inherently unprofitable" and that "no current music subscription service — including marquee brands like Pandora, Spotify, and Rhapsody — can ever be profitable, even if they execute perfectly...If Apple really acquires Beats Electronics to double down on streaming, the company will have one huge advantage over its competitors: It doesn't need to make money off streaming. Apple will likely be more than happy to take a loss with its streaming service, as long as it gets people to buy more of the company's gadgets."

Is the Beats purchase paving the way for Apple to succeed with music streaming by allowing it to be a loss leader, as big box retailers like Walmart and Target have done with CDs for years? Is this the only way music streaming can actually succeed? What do you think? 

May 21, 2014

Internships with Palaver Records in Nashville, TN

Palaver Records, and independent label based in Nashville, TN has an internship opening. Palaver is looking for a self-motivated, deadline oriented individual who can take direction well and is passionate about selling music, promoting live shows and assisting artists at various stages of their career.

About Palaver Records:
Palaver Records is a multi-faceted independent music label located in Nashville, Tennessee. Palaver Records has a passion for creating and supporting good music, with the academic and professional experience to back it up.

Palaver Records Mission Statement:
At Palaver Records, we realize it is not an affiliation with a record label that makes a music act successful, but a partnership between artists and their representation. Our drive is to become more than representation, but a community of talented professionals who provide for artists at all levels of success. Our far-reaching expertise allows us to work with any artist, and to meet a countless variety of needs. Always learning, our knowledge of current technologies is relentlessly up to date. At Palaver Records, each artist is viewed uniquely, and we consider ourselves partners and collaborators at all levels. With shared responsibility, we can all become successful, honor our core values, and reach a lot more ears.

Departments and tasks would include, but not be limited to:

Record Label:
  • Be a part of brainstorming/planning sessions
  • Attend meetings with artists and take notes
  • Help in drafting of agreements
Live Show Promotion:
  • Edit poster in photoshop
  • Place order of posters with local print company
  • Pick up posters and post in designated places around town
  • Create Facebook event pages, keep updated and promote with posts
  • Submit show info to print and online publications
Palaver Publishing:
  • Research music directors for TV shows, Movies, Specific Companies
  • Pitch specific songs for use in TV shows, commercials/ads, Movies
  • Keep notes on all pitch progress
Palaver Booking:
  • Research Casinos, Country Clubs, Venues talent buyers
  • Call or email talent buyer pitch act
  • Schedule follow up calls or emails
  • Negotiate price and terms of appearance
  • Keep notes on all booking progress

To Apply: 

May 14, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Music Business Major at Belmont University

This is a guest post from Teresa Sapichino. Teresa is a Sophomore at Belmont University majoring in Music Business with a business emphasis. Since attending Belmont Teresa has worked many events such as, Country Radio Seminar, Tin Pan South, and All 4 The Hall. She aspires to work in publicity and is expected to graduate May 2017.

Hey Y’all!

I just finished my freshman year at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. It was a crazy year and my second semester much more so! With school two days a week, interning two more days and then having the weekend off it tends to catch up to you! Lets also not forget working all differentkind’s of events or going to different shows at least once a week! This is just the life of a Music Business student and it’s a lot to adjust to but if you love it, it comes easy! So, I’m going to give Y’all a sample of what a normal day would look like for me! (Taken right from my calendar!)

Thursday March 27,
7:45 AM- Wake Up
8 AM -3:15 PM-CLASS
3:20 PM-4 PM- Get ready for Tin Pan South (Songwriter festival in Nashville, TN)
4:05 PM-4:30 PM- Pick up supplies from NSAI and go to Hard Rock
4:30 PM-End of show- Run Hard Rock Café, Tin Pan South Shows
11:30 PM- Get home, Do homework for the day.

For a week in March I worked a songwriters festival as a venue coordinator, So basically I was in-charge of making sure the venue ran smoothly and all of the volunteers understood what they have to do and helped them with anything they needed!

On Monday’s and Wednesdays  I would Intern and a normal day for that looked a lot like this.

Monday, January 27, 2014
8:00 AM Wake up
9:30 AM -2:30 PM- Intern
3 PM-3:15: Get ready for CRS (Country Radio Seminar) Interview
3:20 PM- 4 PM: Walk to CRS office and interview
4:10-4:30PM Walk back to Belmont and leave for CMT Listen Up! Taping
5 PM- End Of Show: Taping for CMT Listen Up!

And for the days that I’m just going to Class this is what it looks like!

7:45 AM- Wake up
8 AM- 9:15 AM: Survey of Recording Technology
9:30 AM-10:45 AM: Popular Music Experience
11 AM- 12:15 PM: Rhetoric of Country Music
12:30 PM-1:45 PM: Survey of Recording Technology
2 PM- 3:15 PM: Fundamentals of Speech Communications.

That pretty much sums up what an average day would look like! Mind you there were plenty days that I would sit in my dorm and do Homework all night or catch up on the sleep I missed during the days / weeks that there wasn’t much time for sleeping. There is always time for friends scheduled in my daily calendar because even though you have tons of work you have make time for your friends or you will go crazy! Even if you eat lunch or dinner with them! I also tend to forget that you have to eat dinner until the dinning hall is about to close or is already closed so that became a problem, so don’t forget to eat…and sleep. It really does catch up with you! Feel free to email me just to chat or to ask any questions!

May 08, 2014

All I'm Askin' is For A Little Respect

In school, when you had a substitute teacher your first reaction was probably "yes, we can relax." Some of your classmates probably quite literally put their feet up and decided to do nothing. Maybe they took things even further and outright broke the rules or attempted to get away with things they otherwise would never attempt. "This test is actually open notes." "We're allowed to have our phones in this class." Sound familiar? It seems innocent enough, but really it's all disrespectful. It's saying to that teacher that they are not worthy of your attention or attentiveness.

What does this have to do with career success? Well, you may overlook that receptionist or secretary just as you would that substitute teacher. You may look down on them, fail to thank them for their help, ignore them, or simply be rude to them. That would be a huge mistake. See, just as that substitute can write up a report telling your "regular" teacher how you behaved and can still land you a detention as a result, you can bet that CEO is going to ask his or her assistant for an opinion before making a hiring decision. Don't overlook someone just because you don't feel they are a decision maker. Everyone deserves your respect and you should treat them as such. If you don't you may not feel the consequences right away, but they will certainly exist. 

May 06, 2014

Country Radio Internship with Cafe Nashville

Cafe Nashville is an internationally syndicated, country music radio show broadcast from Music Row in Nashville, TN.

  • Multitasking
  • Maintaining a positive attitude 
  • Operating Pro Tools (must have experience)
  • Creating radio imaging (from sound fx)
  • Editing a radio talk show(cutting out pointless content while maintaining flow and intelligibility)
  • Being very organized

The time commitment is 3-5 days a week and 4-6 hours a day but is moderately flexible.

The intern would work out of our Nashville office.

To Apply:
Please email your resume to 

Life Lessons from High School: Show Your Work

You know in high school when your math and science teachers wouldn't give you credit for solving a problem correctly unless you showed the work? Or when your English and history teachers said you needed facts and citations to support your opinions in essays? It probably drove you nuts. Why does it matter, you asked, if the answer is still correct? Isn't that the point? Well, no, it isn't. 

It was actually a much bigger and more important life lesson in disguise. See, life isn't always about getting it right. More often than not, you won't. It is about understanding how you got there and learning from your mistakes. It's about seeing what made that effort fail or succeed and, in the case of a career or personal goal, about using that information to explain and understand your actions. This is what allows you to either continue to exceed or refine your efforts until you do. Success isn't about knowing how to get it right the first time, it's about perseverance and trying again until you do. You can't do that if you don't "show your work."
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