5 Things You Need to Do on Every Job Application

Finding a job is tough, especially in this market. You may be surprised to know though that I’ve heard from a number of employers that sometimes it’s the simples of mistakes that lands someones resume in the reject pile. See, when the competition is as tough as it is right now it doesn’t take much to find a reason to turn someone down. Typos, impersonalized cover letters, and other little mistakes can make a big difference. So, here are 5 things you need to be sure you do on every job application.

Follow It
Following directions is important. It’s easy to overlook something or try to beat the system, but if you can’t follow directions in an application how can you be expected to do it on the job?

Sell It
Tell them why you want this specific position with this specific company and why you’d be good at it in your cover letter.

Personalize It
Try to address your cover letter to someone specific where possible and always customize your letter so that it is specific to the company to which you are applying. There’s really no better way to have your application trashed than by telling Universal why you really want to work for Warner.

Check It
Be completely certain you have included your contact info on all documents, used proper spelling and grammar, followed directions, and used your manners. Don’t use slang, incomplete sentences, text message speak, or have a sense of entitlement. There are plenty of other applicants who don’t think they should get an award just for showing up. So double check everything you send in for completeness and correctness. And then check it again.

Track It
Keep track of what you apply for, who you speak to, and the status of each application, follow up but do it in a way that’s polite and not overly pushy. There’s a fine line between persistent and obnoxious, don’t cross it.

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