December 19, 2013

Tough Questions to Ask When Choosing a College: When Can I Intern?

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Admissions letters are rolling in now and hopefully that means a lot of good news. It also means it's time to make some tough decisions that will impact the rest of your life- probably the biggest decision you've made in your life so far. When you take a tour of campus you'll inevitable hear all of the best and most attractive facts about campus and see all of the newest and shiniest buildings. They are, after all, trying to sell you and convince you - the best and brightest admitted students- to come to campus. So they'll wax the floor and serve the best food and let you sleep in the nicest dorm room. But if you're going to commit to spending the rest of your life you need to get to the real essence of what it's like to be a student there and get a degree with that college's name on it. So, yes you want ask the usual questions and look at the dorms, and see the classrooms, and learn about the clubs they offer. But asking the right questions will help you learn the information you might not think about that can make a difference in your success and happiness both on campus and after you graduate. So, I'm introducing a new series of posts that will address the tough questions that will help you learn what it's really like at each school you consider. Today we're starting with internships.

1) When Can I Start Interning?
The more you intern the better off you will be when it comes to looking for a job because it will help understand the material you learn in class, build your network and reputation, and craft an impressive resume. In fact, studies show interns are more likely to get hired, find a job faster, and get paid more. So, more intern experience equals more money and less time living with mom and dad. Wins all around, right? So, the logical solution should be to start interning as soon as your possibly can. This doesn't mean you need to do a large number of internships, think quality versus quantity. Still, the sooner you get involved the more time you have to get involved and really get some great experience as well as do other internships if you want to learn something new.
Sounds simple enough, but a lot of colleges actually have a handful of rules and requirements that they might not tell you about until you go to apply for an internship. Some schools forbid students from interning until their junior year. Some have course requirements you must complete. Some only allow you to complete an internship within a strict set of pre-established requirements. Some will help you find an internship and others leave you to figure it all out by yourself. Find out these things now. You've probably noticed on here that most internships require applicants to receive college credit in order to even be considered for an internship, so the rules at your potential college could seriously limit the experience you get.

Find out:
How can you get college credit for an internship?
Are there internship advisors available to help you?
Do I have to complete certain classes before I am allowed to do an internship?
Am I allowed to do internships on my own outside the traditional system and requirements?
When do students usually get their first internship?

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