November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving Message

One of my favorite things is working on this site and being able to help people, even if it's just in a small way, get closer to living their dreams. I believe music is one of the most beautiful and powerful things in the world and that the music industry is at its best when it is open to fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. So I am incredibly thankful for all of you who are really the ones who turned this little site I started as a way to share information in hopes that it may help one person, into something bigger than I imagined. You are the reason I get to do amazing things like post about fantastic internships and speak on panels and help people on a regular basis and it's wonderful to try to get to know as many of you as possible and to be lucky enough to feel like I have new friends around the world (if we haven't talked yet please feel free to say hi on Twitter or email). 

I know though that wanting to work in something as unpredictable as music can put a strain on relationships with those closest to you and make days like today frustrating. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a support system that wholeheartedly believes in them and encourages them to pursue their dreams. I hope today you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who know how amazing you and aren't afraid to tell you.  But if you don't have that support, know that we are here and are happy to try to help as best we can. Because having the courage to follow your passion is an incredible and rare gift that should be celebrated. The world needs more of that. So thank you for being you. 

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