September 04, 2013

What Day Should #MusicIntern Chat Be?

So, now that it's back to school time it seems like time to get #MusicIntern chat back up and rolling on Twitter. If you're not familiar, it's a forum for music students, interns, workers, artists, etc. to come together online as a community and ask questions, share their troubles and get help, discuss goals, and network to help make it easier for you to  stay informed and break in to the music industry. We usually learn a lot from each other and have fun while doing it. It's free and easy to join (I'll provide easy-to-follow directions once we establish a date). For now, take a look at your schedule - and your upcoming fall TV schedule- and cast your vote for which day is best for you. The chat will be held at night, probably 9pm ET, so keep that in mind. Also, though I definitely want to hear from you, I'll make the final call so I can be sure to be there to host.

What day should #musicintern chat take place? free polls 
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