September 06, 2013

How to Prepare for a Phone Interview: Be Focused

Phone interviews are a common way for companies to initially screen applicants to make a determination of who to bring in for an interview at the office. It should be a lower-stress way to make a good first impression without needing to worry about what to wear or how your hair looks. Yet, at a time when people rarely, if ever, actually talk on the phone and you can even order a pizza on the Internet, a phone interview may actually be more nerve wracking that it's in-person counterpart. We started this series with tips to help you be ready for the call and practice getting comfortable on the phone and today we're looking at tips to avoid distraction.

Prevent Interruptions
Take the call away from other people in a quiet room by yourself. This will help you avoid loud noises, people trying to talk to you, and other sounds that could cause you to forget what you were saying.

Forewarn Your Roommates
This step is extremely important if you're a college student living in a dorm. Tell you roommates in advance so, preferably, they can be out of the room at that time. Put a reminder on the door so your roommate or other friends won't come storming into the room and your RA will avoid knocking. This also applies if you live at home and your roommates happen to be your parents.

Use a Land Line
Admittedly, these are hard to come by, but if you live in a college dorm you probably have the option of getting one for free. Find out about it and get it set up a week in advance of your interview so you have time to make sure the line works and provide the number to your interviewer. A land line can help you avoid issues with dropped calls because of poor reception.

Disable Call Waiting
Find out how to turn off call waiting for the duration of your call so that you won't wind up with a beeping sound in your ear and bits of conversation cut off. Just don't forget to turn it back on again so you won't miss any important calls. 

Have Water and Cough Drops
Nerves have a way of making your throat feel dry so be sure to have some water and maybe a few cough drops near by just in case even if you don't think you will need it. 

What tips do you have for phone interviews? 

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