September 12, 2013

Copyright Owners Fighting Piracy Links on Google

Despite the defeat of various bills intended to make the fight against online piracy easier, it seems copyright owners are taking things into their own hands. The chart below shows the growth over the past few years of requests for URLs to be removed from Google's search results because of infringing content. This year has already seen more than double the requests from the entirety of 2012 and, as you can seen, there has been an explosive growth in the number of requests since 2011. This seems to suggest rights owners are putting in more effort to protect their content. Still, based on the number of requests, it's clear that this is an arduous task which cannot be reasonably accomplished without considerable commitment. So, is there an easier way for artists to protect themselves? Do you think this is a sign that the copyright community may find more support on Capitol Hill for bills aimed at preventing piracy next time around? Is there a better solution than asking artists to seek out and file complaints against infringing content on their own? And is there a balance to be found between the freedom of information that makes the Internet what it is and the protection artists need to have the freedom to pursue their passion and "quit their day job?" What do you think?


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