September 03, 2013

Back to School: High School Clubs That Can Help Your Career

Now that Labor Day weekend is over it's time for students all over the country to focus on school. If you're a high school student with a passion for music though, it can be difficult to feel motivated to finish your biology homework when you'd rather be practicing and planning for your future career in rock 'n' roll. Don't write off school too quickly though. A well-rounded education is important no matter what career you pursue and good grades will help you get in to a good college music program. Plus, there are plenty of ways to gain skills and knowledge that will help you once you have an opportunity to move to the next level. Here are six examples of clubs and organizations many high schools offer that will help you get ahead and be well prepared for college applications and future internships.

School Paper
Joining the school paper will help you hone your writing skills and gain an understanding of what makes a good story and how to write in a compelling and concise manner. These are great skills for any job but are especially important if you have an interest in work in marketing, communications, or public relations.

Audio Visual (AV) Club
This club doesn't exactly have the best reputation if you rely on Hollywood's high school movies to learn about it, but the truth is AV Clubs have probably been home to some future directors and producers. Why? Well, AV Clubs are usually in charge of handling any media, video, technology, and audio requests on behalf of the school. This means they are usually the ones video taping school events, setting up microphones, handling live sound, and learning to work with all sorts of audio and media equipment. Sure it's not the most glamorous club to join but it will likely teach you some basic sound and audio skills that can help jump start a career as an award-winning producer.

Working on the Yearbook is a good way to learn about and work on graphic design or photography while creating appealing layouts for your school. You may be photographing pep rallies right now but some day those skills could mean taking photos of your favorite musicians.

Student Council
Student Council is a great way to take on a leadership role and learn how to work well as part of a team. It's also great because Student Councils are generally in charge of planning social events for students like dances, fundraisers, charity drives, spirit weeks, and other activities. Learning how to run, promote, and manage an even effectively is a fantastic skill for the music industry because concerts, awards shows, and meet and greets are all events that need planning and management.

These two organizations for business students both offer memberships at the high school level and it's possible your school may have a chapter. They offer various membership benefits as well as events, training, and educational opportunities.

Prom / Homecoming Committee 
Like Student Council, these activities are all about planning events and provide great experience. Planning a large dance though is a special challenge that will teach you about working with vendors, booking DJs or musicians, selling tickets, and other important skills that directly relate to running a concert. 
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