Back To School Career Prep Checklist

It’s the time of year where most students are headed back to school and you’ve probably seen at least one check list of all the things you’ll need to survive. Well, here’s a list of everything you need to have a great year from a professional point-of-view and be prepared for any interview, networking opportunity, or internship. You can download or print the list below and check out a few explanations for some of the items on it.

Note: The list may not work on mobile browsers. If you cannot access it and would like a copy email me at

When it comes to networking and job hunting, there are a few key tools that can help you along the way. Business cards are important for multiple reasons so check out parts 1 and 2 of my prior posts on them for tips and info. You should also consider getting a business card holder to protect them because nothing sends the wrong message more than pulling a crumpled card out of a purse or pocket. A business card organizer or binder can help you keep track of your contacts when you get back from an event and remember to stay in touch. Lastly, a portfolio is great for interviews and any professional event where you need to take notes, keep track of papers, and still look put together.

Ladies, you probably already know that clear nail polish is your best defense against spreading runs in tights and pantyhose, so be sure to keep a bottle handy. I took these to a conference and slipped them on once my heels became far too painful and not only did they surprisingly look okay, I actually got several compliments on my shoes (and a lot of jealous women once I revealed what they were). Men, I think the only explanation needed here for your list is to ensure that your socks, belt, and shoes don’t clash when you’re dressed professionally (and definitely don’t wear white socks then).

When it comes to music, if you’re interested in audio production or other jobs in sound, tech, or composition, you should think about investing in an Mbox (ProTools usually comes with one) and/or Logic so that you have these professional technologies at your fingertips anytime inspiration strikes. Both offer discounts for students too.

Downy’s wrinkle release spray is perfect for business travel or when you just don’t feel like ironing (and really who does in college?). Tide To Go is another must have for quickly getting out stains on the go. Mints are self explanatory but an easily overlooked thing to have on hand at any professional event. A sewing kit is key to help you fix small problems and save you money while extending the life of your business attire. Lastly, I definitely recommend signing up for an Amazon Student account, because it gets you free two day shipping on eligible products plus other benefits like free borrowing for Kindle books and unlimited video streaming. This is great for buying textbooks and for when you need something quickly to prepare for work or an interview.

For the record, the Amazon links on here will give us a small referral fee if you buy from them. Anything we earn goes back in to the site to help make it better and more helpful for you and I’ve tried these products, with the exception of those specific business card holders, sewing kit, and portfolio, myself so I can definitely recommend them.

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