August 27, 2013

NABEF Radio Personality Project: Enter to Win!

Could you be the next radio star? Are you or someone you know captivating, creative and able to make laundry detergent sound interesting? 

The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation is looking for YouTubers who have that “it” factor and know how to entertain! This is an amazing opportunity for one winner who we will fly roundtrip with a guest to Orlando for the Radio Show, radio’s premier event. Get your entry in by August 28 at 11:59pm EST for your chance to become on an-air radio personality.

August 19, 2013

Back To School Career Prep Checklist

It's the time of year where most students are headed back to school and you've probably seen at least one check list of all the things you'll need to survive. Well, here's a list of everything you need to have a great year from a professional point-of-view and be prepared for any interview, networking opportunity, or internship. You can download or print the list below and check out a few explanations for some of the items on it.

Note: The list may not work on mobile browsers. If you cannot access it and would like a copy email me at

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August 16, 2013

Policy Issues in the Music Industry: Public Performance Rights for Sound Recordings

At its core, the music industry is built on the legal right to own and/or control copyrights, the intellectual property that is created when someone writes or records a song. These two versions of a song, the melody and lyrics you can sing while walking down the street and the audio recording you actually listen to on your iPod, each represent a separate copyright and a separate source of potential income. For example, let's look at Bob Dylan's classic song "Make You Feel My Love." This song, though written by Dylan and initially performed by him, has become an international hit in various genres on numerous occasions through popular recordings done by artists such as Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson, and, most recently, Adele. Most music fans would agree that each new performance of this song brings a unique perspective to it and perhaps helps a new generation of music listeners rediscover this iconic piece. Adele's version was a world-wide hit that sold enough copies to be certified Gold in the Unites States and Platinum in the United Kingdom. Since this song was written by Bob Dylan and performed by Adele, each time a copy of this version of this song is sold, both musicians receive payment for their respective contribution as the songwriter and the performer. Additionally, when this same song is played on Internet, cable, or satellite radio stations, both Adele and Bob Dylan will earn money. Still, despite the nuances of Adele's hit performance of this song, did you know that when her version is broadcast on terrestrial radio (AM and FM stations) in America, she does not actually earn anything for it? 

August 13, 2013

Fall internship in Digital Marketing with SiriusXM

Love social media? Want hands-on experience? Look no further — we're looking for Fall interns in digital marketing at SiriusXM. Put your re-tweetin’, liking, +1’ing skills to good use and get valuable real-world  experience in all the newest digital content marketing techniques. 

If you're a social media junkie looking for real work experience, this is the internship for you.  

Sirius XM Radio Inc. is America's satellite radio company. SiriusXM broadcasts more than 135 channels of commercial free music, premier sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather to more than 20 million subscribers. We are one of the world's largest pure-play audio entertainment company and we are among the largest subscription media companies in the United States. SiriusXM broadcasts to subscribers everywhere they want to listen in cars, on boats, in the home or office, and through a wide range of mobile devices. SiriusXM offers an impressive array of content that spans virtually all genres and interests, including Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Rosie O'Donnell, Jamie Foxx, Barbara Walters, Opie & Anthony, Bob Edwards, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Jimmy Buffett, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, and Bob Dylan, among others. SiriusXM is the leader in sports programming as the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the NFL, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, and PGA Tour and offers major college sports.

New York, NY 
Apply here:

Find out more about the experience and follow SiriusXM internships at 
Twitter: @siriusxminterns
Facebook: /SiriusXMInternship

August 06, 2013

Marketing Internship with Fame House Music in Philadelphia, PA

Fame House's Marketing internship offers students interested in the music business an opportunity to work on various marketing initiatives for high-profile musicians, labels, and management companies.

Interns who wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity will be expected to perform at a high level. This internship is offered for the best crop of marketing students interested in working in the entertainment business.

Philadelphia offices located at: 401 S. 2nd St. Suite #304 Philadelphia, PA 19147

Job Requirements: 

  • 15 Hours / Week minimum at our Philadelphia offices in Society Hill 
  • Must receive college credit Must be good with computers and willing to learn 
  • Knowledge of Photoshop is a plus 
  • Knowledge of Social Media is highly a plus 
  • Well organized 
  • Knowledge of online tools for musicians is a plus 
  • Good attitude and excited to be a part of a young company in the Entertainment Marketing field 

  • Assistance in managing online platforms for musicians 
  • E-commerce 
  • Social Media 
  • Web Site Central Management System (content management)
  • Other online platforms for promoting artists 
  • Assistance with content creation and layout for clients 
  • Assistance in creating unique marketing plans for clients 
  • Assistance in scheduling and company organization 
  • Assistance with client relationship management 
  • Assistance in analyzing sales and marketing data for clients 
  • Light data entry 

Knowledge & Skills You Will Obtain: 

  • Online metrics analysis 
  • Social Media Management and Marketing 
  • E-commerce Marketing and Management 
  • Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and other related software 
  • Planning for major Marketing initiatives 

To Apply:
Interested applicants may contact

August 05, 2013

Speaking at #GRAMMYCamp New York

Just a quick post because I'm excited to say that I'll be a panelist at this year's GRAMMY Camp New York speaking about internships. It's a fantastic program run by The GRAMMY Foundation and a wonderful opportunity for high school students to learn about the music industry and I'm happy to be a part of it!

Photo by Katie Reilly

GRAMMY Camp New York is a nine-day residential program for high school students that offers campers the opportunity to work in integrated industry teams. This real-world, hands-on environment will involve an in-depth look at the entire creative process from the first spark of original material through the promotion of a finished product, and will culminate in a launch party.

If you're interested in attending next year, you can get a head start on your application here

What to Do in High School if You Want to Study Music Industry in College

Back when I was in high school thinking about college degrees in music industry , there were very few programs to choose from (and no, I'm not as old as you're probably thinking, music industry as a degree is pretty new). The good news is as these programs became popular more and more schools began to introduce courses, concentrations, and degree programs in everything from pop music to entertainment law. The bad news is that an increase in the popularity of these programs has also made them more competitive. There aren't exactly many college advisors out there who properly know how to help when you tell them you basically want to major in the business of The Beatles and Justin Bieber. So, how exactly should you prepare for a rockstar-style course of study and what will you need to do to get in?

Do Your Best in Your Classes and Challenge Yourself

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