June 18, 2013

Marketing Internship with Creative Allies in Santa Monica, CA

The Marketing Internship for Music, Sports & Entertainment will be responsible for developing a
pipeline of new business opportunities, relationships and leads for the launch of design contests and
campaigns on Creative Allies. This role will work to identify, qualify and prioritize alliances with organizations, brands and agencies for our online community of over 40,000 illustrators, designers and fans. The ideal candidate needs to be a heavy self-starter and trend spotter with passion for music, sports and the arts. The position is for a creative, savvy thinker who can build and implement strategic marketing solutions. Applicants need to be self-starters with strong organizational skills. Candidates should have the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects effectively and simultaneously.


  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding of the music and entertainment industries with a specialty in marketing, advertising and consumer behavior.
  • Entrepreneurial drive, initiative, independence, and personal responsibility.
  • Strong networking ability. 
Santa Monica, CA 

June 17, 2013

Understanding Common Touring / Concert Promotion Contracts and Making a Profit

This post was featured in the ASCAP Daily News Brief

Photo created by Katie Reilly

A musician friend of mine was recently offered an opportunity to play at a local show, but something about the offer seemed a bit odd and he wasn't initially sure if it was a good opportunity. As we've discussed before in Avoiding Music Industry Scams, unfortunately the passion of musicians and the complexities of the music business make it ripe breeding ground for scams created by people looking to make money off of unwitting artists looking for a chance to be heard. The easiest way to avoid a scam when it comes to playing shows is by enlisting the help of an experienced and professional booking agent who is familiar with the industry and with venues, but not every artist will have the opportunity to work with one. So, one of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of a scam - and to be sure that booking agent is the real deal- is to learn as much as possible about the industry so that you will understand when something is out of the ordinary. So, let's take a look at the most common types of contracts you will come across when it comes to getting paid to play your music live. Quick warning though, there's a bit of math involved. Turns out your algebra teacher was right when they said you'd need it someday. Who knew?

June 06, 2013

How to Get Free or Affordable Legal Help for Your Music Project

So you've created your own opportunity by starting a business yourself and things are going great. So great that it's getting serious and you've decided you need a little legal help. Whether you need an independent contractor agreement, want to know what type of business entity is right for you, or you just have some legal questions, obtaining the help of an attorney can be pretty expensive. What's an aspiring music industry professional to do?

Luckily, there are some great organizations out there to assist out go-getters like yourselves who don't have the resources to pay for legal help:

Lawyers for the Arts

Most of the major cities in the United States have at least one pro bono organization geared specifically toward artists. New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and New Orleans all have "Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts" programs, Chicago has the Lawyers for the Creative Arts, Houston boasts the Texas Accountants & Lawyers for the Arts, and San Francisco is the home of the California Lawyers for the Arts. Beyond offering free or discounted legal services, many of these organizations also host workshops and other events targeted toward educating artists on the basics of copyrights, trademarks, and business entities.

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