April 01, 2013

Win Tickets to See Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, JasonAldean, Luke Bryan and more 4/8 in Vegas

This concert sounds incredible (thanks to NAB Show for providing tickets!) and I've decided to make the process of entering a bit easier because I don't want anyone to miss out. So, here's how this works: 

We have 20 questions plus 1 bonus question for you to answer. The answers are hidden throughout this blog. All you have to do is use the search box on the side to find the answers, the correct posts will contain a bright yellow music note to tell you you're on the right track (and the note will be relatively close to the answer). But now, rather than make you find the questions yourself, we're giving them all to you right here because I don't want anyone missing out on the chance to attend this amazing show. You still have to be 18, you still need your own way to get to Vegas because the prize is just a pair of tickets, and you still have to follow the rules. But, now you just need to tell us the answers.  You don't necessarily need to answer them all, just answer the most questions correct and you'll win and we'll all be jealous! 

ACM Presents: Tim McGraw’s Superstar Summer Night 
MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas
Monday, April 8th 2013 
7:30pm local time 
Performances by Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Pitbull, and Ne-Yo plus other celebrity appearances
For more information visit http://www.acmcountry.com/timspecial.html

Question 1: 
Keith Urban will be performing at this special concert but he recently did something else that was pretty remarkable. He gave a performance at a music awards show backed entirely by a band full of students from GRAMMY Camp. What award show was this?

Question 2: 
Some may say radio is on the decline in favor of streaming and listening to your iPod but this radio statistic from Arbitron may surprise you. What percent of Americans still listen to traditional radio at least once a week?

Question 3:
Performing rights organizations help songwriters and publishers get paid when their work is performed. Which of the three major performing rights organizations used to be, but is no longer, an acronym?

Question 4: 
Internship experience is important for a music career, but they are often unpaid. Fortunately, statistics show that internships may be totally worth it because those with internship experience earn over $ _____ more in their first job than those without it.

Question 5:
If you’re interested in PR and a fan of artists like Eric Church, George Strait, or Kellie Pickler you might to intern at what company in Nashville?

Question 6:
You know copyright infringement is bad, but according to Section ____ of the Copyright Act, it can be a crime too.

Question 7:
NAB Show is providing the tickets for this prize and their conference and convention will be going on the same week featuring the latest technologies and trends in media, TV, radio, and film. They also have a free career fair for those looking to get a job in one of these areas. What is the name of the student who got an internship through last year’s NAB Show Career Day?

Question 8:
Panning is a technique used to position the music you so it sounds like it is coming from a different side of the room. We explained it in a post. What Britney Spears song did we use as an example?

Question 9:
We often host Twitter chats so music students around the world can talk to teach other while learning about career options. What was the topic of this chat on January 13, 2013?

Question 10:
Using the wrong name leaves a bad impression. Don’t make the same mistake people have made when talking to Katie Hazard. Her full name might be Katherine but you should never call her ____.

Hint: This post was about remembering names

Enter your answers here for a chance to win!

Question 11:

Warner Music Group is home to some of music’s most popular artists and we had an internship listing from them. What is the first name of the woman to whom you would have submit your resume if you had applied?

Question 12:
The music industry can be a tough place if you’re shy, so we wrote about some career options for those who are. What music company newsletter was this post featured in? 

Hint: Search for something related to careers for shy people, not for newsletters.

Question 13:
Music can make make powerful moments in your favorite TV shows seem even more emotional. Grey’s Anatomy helped make “How to Save a Life” a hit after using it in their trailers and show. What band is this song by?

Question 14:
If you want a record deal as a musician you have to understand what an A&R rep is looking for, so we wrote an article about it. This post will also answer this: what does A&R stand for?

Question 15:
Our live sound expert wrote an article with tips to help the live sound intern survive. His number two suggestion is that they carry one of these. A _____. Hint: Use the word survive when you search.

Question 16:
This blog might be focused on music, but it also features inspirational stories to help you get motivated. One of these posts was featured in the newsletter of a famous professional surfer. Whose newsletter was it?

Question 17:
Winning a GRAMMY Award is a musical dream come true. Before this year’s awards we explained how nominations actually work. How many categories do the GRAMMY Awards currently have?
Hint: Search for the article about nominations and voting, not the phrase "GRAMMY categories."

Question 18:
The third option on our list of 8 career options in music tech is a ______ engineer.

Question 19:
To help out overwhelmed interns we put together a list of what to bring to the first day of a new internship, what two letter word is last on this list?

Question 20:
If you’re interning in New York City you might want to check out the delicious, filling, and affordable food at what macaroni and cheese focused restaurant?

Bonus Question
Bonus point for making it this far, what is the last word of the post containing the answer to Question 20?

Once you feel content with you answers and are ready to submit, you can send us your answers here.

Contest ends Friday at 12:01 am and the winner will be announced that afternoon. See the rules for full details.
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