April 26, 2013

On Boston...

People who love music tend to possess an inherent understanding of the depths of human emotion, if only because a soulful voice and powerful chord can capture the most harrowing of circumstances like nothing else in this world. Still, there are some things that are beyond comprehension. Because when so many lives are lost or forever changed so suddenly in a moment that makes so little sense, well, nothing can really do that kind of pain and frustration justice.

Music internships and education don't seem so immediately important when the city home to some of the world's best music programs is under attack. So there was nothing worth saying.

In reality though, while internships specifically may have temporarily taken a back seat, the answer is not to turn off the music, it's to turn it up. Because whether it's an acoustic song about world peace or furious punk rock, the cathartic power of music can overcome hate and help people begin to heal. So, before trying to get back to posting regularly, let's take this moment and honor Boston, and the strength of those who call it home - both temporarily, for school, and on a permanent basis.

Donate to One Fund Boston.

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