March 25, 2013

Last Week to Apply for GRAMMY Camp 2013

GRAMMY Camp is an incredible opportunity if you're looking to learn about the music industry and you're still in high school. In fact, I'd say it's THE best opportunity to learn about and get a head start in the music industry. You'll leave with new friends, professional connections, new projects and skills for your resume, newfound confidence, and maybe even some GRAMMY swag. Applications are due this week (31st) so there's still time to get your application in. Here are some great videos from The GRAMMY Foundation to help you craft a great application video and figure out which career track is best for you.

Which career track should you apply for?

How to submit a great audition video for GRAMMY Camp

Apply here
PS. This seems like a great time to point out that any time you apply for something these days- be it a job, internship, camp, college, or whatever else, it's pretty likely you will get Googled. So Google yourself, check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anything else you have a public profile on. Take down anything you wouldn't want your grandmother to see (no cursing, no drugs, no alcohol, no crazy party pictures, etc.). Today, people can and will judge you based on what they find online and you could lose an opportunity because of it, but no one will tell you that is why. So it's better to be safe than sorry. 
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