March 03, 2013

Internship with LaFamos PR & Branding in Los Angeles

Founded in 2007, LaFamos PR & Branding is an entertainment PR and branding firm with a commitment to helping creative professionals take advantage of today's new digital era. The staff at LaFamos is made up of dedicated forward-thinking technology visionaries, folks who live and breathe the industry, and are as at home with social media as they are with samplers and Stratocasters. (I must say that they also have a really cool website that I could probably spend hours exploring). LaFamos is currently recruiting college students for its brand new internship program and it sounds like a fantastic way to get some hands-on experience without spending so much time using those hands to fetch coffee. Be sure to send your applications in ASAP, because this unique program is only open to three interns. 

LaFamos PR & Branding announce a brand new internship program aimed at training a new generation of entertainment publicists through a one-of-a-kind internship program.

As part of LaFamos' new internship program, students will be coached by a senior publicist at the firm on implementing knowledge gained in school. ''We wanted to create an experience that gives back just as much as it demands'' explains Hunter Scott, head of marketing & publicity for the Hollywood-based firm. ''There will be no coffee runs or paperwork filling. And though LaFamos has always taken a different approach, we wanted to aim even higher and give our interns a truly unique experience.''

Publicity interns who are accepted into the internship program will shadow one of the senior publicists at LaFamos, learn how to research appropriate press outlets, master creative writing and essentially do the same work any staff member would be doing, in preparation for a full time in the fields of Public Relations and Marketing. Interns will also receive their own company email address and reach out to press outlets for a hands-on experience.

  • Able to work three full days (9am - 5:30pm) per week.
  • Applicants have completed at least one year of college. 
  • As with any PR work, much verbal and written communication is involved. Please possess excellent English skills if applying.
  • This is an unpaid position.
Los Angeles, CA 

To Apply: 
To apply for a real-world experience with LaFamos PR & Branding, email us your resume today.

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