March 04, 2013

Colleges Just for Music

Most jobs these days require a college degree - even an assistant job. Between that and urging from your parents, you know you're destined for college despite the fact that you'd rather spend time on the road with your band. The good news is if that sounds like you and the traditional college experience isn't exactly something you're interested in, there are several options for schools that might make you feel less like you're in class and more like you actually are on the road with a band. These days, there are several major, and an increasing number of new, educational programs and fully recognized universities that are solely dedicate to music, the arts, or entertainment. 

University of the Arts 
University of the Arts was established in 1876 and is located on Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts and offers programs related to performing arts, design, media, and communication. It offers 41 undergraduate and graduate degrees and has more than 2,100 students. It provides a creative environment surrounded by some of Philadelphia's most important cultural institutions like The Kimmel Center and Philadelphia International Records. The school offers degrees in Music Education, Composition, Instrumental or Vocal Performance, and Music Business. Alumni include opera and Broadway performers, American Idol contestants, and Jared Leto.

McNally Smith College of Music 
McNally Smith is a for-profit college located in Saint Paul, MN and offers various degrees and diplomas in music performance, business, live sound, music business, production, engineering, composition, and songwriting. The school is focused on music and supported by staff with real-world credits and experience, but also provides a liberal arts education. The school's cofounders set out to "take the education of popular musicians seriously" and, as a result, the school emphasizes contemporary music education and real world experience.  Today, the school has more than 600 students and a 100-member faculty. McNally Smith alumni include Bon Iver's manager. 

The School of Audio Engineering (SAE)
SAE is a private college that was founded by an audio engineer and producer. It first opened in Sydney Australia and part of what makes it an intersting program is that is now has locations all over the world including Europe, Asia, Australia, and more. Its North American locations include Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, and San Francisco. SAE offers programs in audio engineering, animation, game design, digital filmmaking and music production. It is actually the largest college in the world to focus on these areas of study with locations in 53 different cities around the world.