February 01, 2013

Intern / Volunteer with New Music Seminar in New York City

New Music Seminar is an annual music conference and showcase held in multiple venues throughout Manhattan. It traces its roots back to the 80's and a music industry discussion night organized by Tom Silverman and Dave Lory. After a relaunch in recent years it has become a preeminent music industry event. Each year, it brings together record label executives, songwriters, producers, performing rights organizations, musicians, booking agents, managers, and more to discuss the issues facing the music industry today and highlight up-and-coming artists. New Music Seminar is currently looking for volunteers and interns for this year's conference and showcase. 

The New Music Seminar’s mission is to create a music business in which talent can rise to its highest potential based solely on its merit, without regard to its financial resources or connections. To help artists and their representatives achieve success. To create a new economic model that better rewards both artists, their investors and those in artist services.

Positions Looking to Fill:
  • General Office 
    • This includes work on both the Conference and Festival in multiple capacities.
  • Conference (Morning - Evening) 
    • Help out with everything from Registration, Production, Green Room, and everything in between.
  • New York Music Festival (Afternoon- Late) 
    • Volunteers will help staff multiple venues for the festival. Duties include, working the door, helping with merchandise, passing out promotional materials, decorations, and other production assistance. 
  • Street Team
    • Help promote NMS throughout New York City at events and in stores with NMS posters and postcards.
New Music Seminar cannot provide lodging for interns and volunteers, so please keep that in mind if you are from outside the New York area and wish to participate 
June 9 -11, 2013
New York, NY

To Apply: 
Fill out the form on New Music Seminar's website here or email your resume and cover letter to volunteer at newmusicseminar.com 
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