March 05, 2013

Tips For Keeping Makeup on All Day at Work

Studies have shown that women who wear makeup are viewed as more competent when it comes to professional abilities (take a look at the article here). You may not love it, but there are some perks to makeup: it can make you look more awake, alert, and professional even if you'd rather crawl back under the covers and hit snooze. Still, even if makeup can be a helpful, and apparently necessary, tool in a woman's professional arsenal, it's pretty difficult to get the makeup you put on in the morning to still look good and be fully intact by 5pm. So how do you keep it on?

Primer or Powder
Starting with a makeup primer is a great trick for getting lasting makeup (and smooth skin). Primer helps prevent creases in eye shadow, helps fill in lines and pores, and keep foundation on longer. It's available in several brands ranging from drug store to designer. You can also accomplish a similar result and lasting effect by using powder before applying foundation.

Sealing/Setting Spray
Makeup sealing sprays admittedly aren't generally cheap (I don't know of a drug store line that offers one) but they are effective and since setting your makeup only requires a few spritzes, they do last pretty long. One great, decently priced, example I've used before is Urban Decay's Up All Night, available at stores like Ulta and Sephora. I've used this spray to keep makeup intact for friends' weddings, job fairs without air conditioning, and even fell asleep a few times to find it still looked ok in the morning (you can't beat that!).

Long Lasting
One of the best ways to keep makeup on is to invest in a brand that's made to last. Many brands, including Revlon, Bare Minerals, Clinique, and more offer lines of everything from foundation to eyeshadow to lip color designed to last from 12 to 24 hours. These brands are designed to having staying power and should do a better job surviving your busy work day than your average makeup.

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