November 27, 2012

Intern Rules for Social Media: Don't Curse

It's fairly common knowledge by now that potential employers can and will Google you. But, it would be a mistake to think that this rule doesn't apply to internships, training programs, and even college applications. A negative impression of a social profile can undo even the best interviews and resumes and the only real way to protect yourself is to watch what you post in the first place. So, to continue with our series of intern rules for social media, we're adding a new one to the list: don't curse.

Yes, I know it doesn't make sense. Musicians curse, your boss will probably curse, and censorship is unjust. It doesn't matter.

Sure, you'll find that a lot of the people in the music industry curse, and it may even seem like part of the lifestyle. It doesn't mean it looks good on an intern or on a social media profile. The truth is that what you say online represents you and sets the tone for how an employer views you and how they imagine you will conduct yourself in a social setting. If you can't control your language on the Internet, they probably won't expect you to be able to control much else. You don't want to look like you may be the next intern to get fired for uncontrollably freaking out because a big celebrity just walked in for a meeting (true story). It may seem cool when your favorite band curses in its songs or the latest episode of South Park is filled with bleeps, but on a Twitter account it tends to look juvenile, and juvenile is exactly how you don't want to look when you are trying to convince a company to let you work with then. You may be young but companies still want interns who can be professional and mature and who will represent their company well when they come into contact with clients. So, even if they do it themselves, cursing on your Facebook won't seem like a very promising start to that hiring manager you're looking to impress.
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