How a FAB Sheet Can Help in an Interview

This is a guest post from Leah Beutler . Leah is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater majoring in Spanish and Marketing. She’s interned with the radio affiliate ESPN/ESPN Deportes station in Wilwaukee and recently with the collegiate basketball team Madison Mallards. She enjoys social media, cooking, fitness, working out, and spending time with her cat, Pumbaa. Connect with Leah on LinkedIn and send her your FAB Sheet.

Hello everyone. I am here to tell you a little about creating a personal FAB sheet to set yourself

apart from the competition in an interview.

What is a FAB sheet?

I first learned about FAB sheets in my principles of selling class. It is used by sales people as

a tangible item that clearly lays out the features (F) of their product, the advantages (A) of their

product over the competition, and the benefits (B) that their product will provide the client. Each

section of the FAB sheet (the F, A, and B) has two to three bullet points with the most important

and compelling information.

What would be the purpose of creating one?

I thought to myself, an interview is very similar to a sales call. You, the ‘sales person’ are

convincing your ‘client’, the employer, that you should be hired over your competition. In order

to prove you are the best option, your ‘client’ is going to want some facts as to why you are the

best and they are going to have to remember you. Bringing a FAB sheet that is tailored to the

position for which you are applying will compliment your resume and help you stand out from

the competition. It will also lay out why your ‘client’ should choose you for the position over

someone else.

What does a FAB sheet look like and how long does it have to be?

As I touched on previously, each section would have two to three bullet points of information

that would be quick and simple to read. I would suggest making it the same font and style as

your resume. What I mean by ‘style’ is that if you have page borders on your resume, use them

on the FAB sheet or if you underline/bold/italicize headings in your resume, do the same for

your FAB sheet.

You should make your FAB sheet a one page document. You should try to use up a full page

but remember to keep it simple so it is easy to read. This is simply a compliment to your resume

with the most compelling reasons for an employer to hire you.

So I understand what F, A and B stand for, but what do I include in each section?

F = two or three things you have accomplished that highlight your ability to be a perfect match

for the position

A = one to three reasons an employer should choose YOU over anyone else – what REALLY

sets you apart?

B = what benefits will you be able to provide the company? Are you able to 100% guarantee

you will increase profits 500%? Probably not, but there are plenty of things you can mention

Should I make a new FAB sheet for each interview?

Yes! FAB sheets are like resumes, the more you can tailor it to the position the more it will make

sense. You COULD have a general FAB sheet however making your experience match up with

the job description is going to give you even more leverage.

Can I see an example of a FAB sheet?

Absolutely! I personally am interested in a bilingual marketing position, possibly in sports, so

I will create a FAB sheet with my credentials as if I were applying for a bilingual marketing

director for a soccer team.

Leah Beutler


Leah I studied abroad in Mexico where I stayed with a host family in Cuernavaca for three weeks. I have also traveled to Spain and Italy while in high school for one week. These experiences have given me first hand cultural insights. I involve myself in diversity outside of school and the classroom by following multicultural Twitter accounts/Facebook pages, connecting with people from all parts of the world.


I have had two sports marketing related internships; one of which was with ESPN Deportes where I was responsible for various tasks accomplished in Spanish, one of which was producing our Spanish radio show each Saturday morning. I will be able to effectively communicate in Spanish and English with various clients as well as prepare marketing campaigns for clients who are only fluent in one language or prefer one to the other.


I am a very coachable worker who is a team player; also, I am able to work efficiently with minimal supervision.

With my experience at ESPN Deportes and with the Mallards I am fully prepared for the demanding work schedule and will embrace the opportunity to participate n the marketing efforts for the team.

So once you’ve created your own FAB sheet, you can bring it to job interviews to enhance your resume and set yourself apart from the other applicants. Just make sure it is tailored to the position, consistent with your other documents and easy to read!

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