October 12, 2012

Internship Opportunity at Rock Ridge Music

Rock Ridge Music is an independent record label, artist management company and music marketing firm. Some of our current and previous clients include Sister Hazel, Reel Big Fish, Daughtry, Blackberry Smoke, Benjy Davis Project, Tony Lucca, Bernie Williams and Psychostick. Rock Ridge Music is seeking music business interns to work in their Newark, NJ offices.

Duties include but not limited to:

  • Working directly with RRM staff and artists
  • Internet promotion and research
  • Tour promotion and marketing outreach
  • Basic clerical work
  • Product mailings
Interns will get to learn various aspects of the entertainment industry. 

Newark, NJ (Must be a commutable distance, within an hour)


  • Must be able to work at least 12 hours a week
  • Must be computer savvy, know how to get around online and be familiar with social networking sites
  • Must have a passion for music and pop culture in general
  • Must be willing to work hard, ask questions and challenge yourself
To Apply:
Send your resume to Cynthia@rockridgemusic.com

October 04, 2012

Protect Your Hearing

I was waiting for a train yesterday and a was treated (not really) to a performance of "I'm Sexy and I Know It" from the headphones of the girl standing next to me. The song is fun, but not only does my ability to hear it defeat the purpose of headphones, it's likely destroying this girl's hearing too. This is pretty common problem among our iPod generation; music has become a personable experience and we want to encapsulate ourselves in it to experience every ounce of its energy and passion, so we turn it up (ironically for all the world to hear). That's great that you love your music, but if you want the ability to complain about the music of "kids these days" ( not to mention work in music since thats generally the goal around here) in 20 years, you need to turn it down and take some precautionary measures. Music might be great but what's the point if you destroy your ability to hear it in the process? Here's some tips on making sure you don't:

Find A Doctor
There are medical professionals who specialize in hearing and hearing loss and can help you gauge how your hearing is currently and get professional tips for keeping it in tact. Those who specialize in hearing may be listed as audiologists but you can also find one through an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (ENT)- also known as an otolaryngologist. These medical professionals can be an important source of information for protecting and monitoring your most valuable asset as a musician.

Headphone Volume
Keep the volume of your iPod, laptop, or whatever else you're listening to at about half of its maximum volume. If you're not sure if it's too loud, take your headphones out and see how well you can still hear the music. The key here is that you shouldn't still hear it.

TV Volume
If you're like me, you've already been to about 142 too many loud concerts and have noticed some signs that your hearing may have taken a toll. If your friends and family constantly tell you the TV is turned up too loudly, listen to them. Just because you can finally hear it doesn't mean it isn't actually causing more damage.

Get some. And use them. Sure, it may not be cool, but it's cooler than yelling "what?" every time someone asks you a question. Make use of earplugs anytime you're around loud noises for an extended period such as a concert, bar, fireworks, etc. I know you're saying yea right and probably aren't going to do it but you're better off looking a bit odd now than regretting it later.

Be A Loser
Yes, I know these tips are getting increasingly pathetic as far as your coolness goes but let's focus again on the fact that you may already have noticed times where it's a bit more difficult for you to hear things that others have no problems with (and if you're not there yet, you probably will be soon if you don't take action). Don't be afraid to be the weirdo who covers their ears like a little kid when there's a fire alarm at school or an ambulance passing by as you walk down the street. Don't be afraid to actually wear those earplugs. Don't be afraid to actually turn down your headphones. It may not seem great now but I promise your future self will thank you when you can still work in and hear music 20+ years from now.

October 02, 2012

Let's Talk Politics

If you live in the United States, you're probably (I hope!) aware that a very important election is just around the corner. In just about a month, US citizens will be voting to either extend the office of the incumbent, President Barack Obama for another term or to welcome former Massachusetts governor,Mitt Romney, as our 45th president. As the election heats up, so do the conversations surrounding them and you're likely to hear people talking about it everywhere: at restaurants, on Twitter, and even at work.

Social Media: Why Should You Care What You Post?

Social media is an amazing tool for building a brand, networking, and establishing a solid reputation. These days it's practically an extension of your "real" life. After all, it's not official until it's on Facebook, right? But everyone (including me) tells you to be careful what you post and that employers, college admissions officers, and professional contacts can and will find the information you share. But, why the heck should you care? You say, "I want to work in an industry that's incredibly laid back and liberal. They're not gonna care about the photos I post from that great party, or the political statements I make, or the curses in my tweets. Heck, they'll probably embrace it, right?"

Wrong. That may be shocking, but there's a reason even the most open-minded company will still judge you for what you post online and it may not be what you're thinking.
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