August 18, 2012

Post Your Music and Entertainment Internships Free!

If you're looking for an intern in music or entertainment, let us know and we will post and share the info for you. Intern listings are completely free. Click on the internships page to check previous examples for companies like Warner Music Group, Tunecore, The Orchard, CyberPR, NARM, SiriusXM and more. Click below and fill out the form to submit your own listing:

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Listings are FREE and will be promoted via social media to our readers who are looking for internships!

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  • You may upload a job description or related documents here

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Note: Submitting a request for an internship listing does not guarantee that your submission will be listed on the site or that any listings made will lead to any applicants or hirings. We make no guarantees as to the quality of applicants and are not responsible for any disagreements, misrepresentations, or any other issue that may arise with an applicant, intern, or employee found through a listing here. These listings are provided for free to help employees reach prospective applicants, we do not and cannot screen those who apply and it is the employer's responsibility to thoroughly evaluate the suitability, work ethic, and character, of all applicants. 
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