September 05, 2012

Internship With JoneZen and NXT Level Entertainment

JoneZen (Chris Jones) got his start in the popular hip-hop group Outta Control. He has worked in the music industry for over 10 years and played over 400 shows on the West Coast while balancing several different projects including Outta Control, Straight Jackitt, Sub-Stance, Natural Union, and a solo career. 

JoneZen has toured and recorded platinum artits, American Idol singers and underground hip-hop legends as well as had his songs used in television and film. After seven years of touring and underground success, he found himself in rehab from alcohol abuse. It was then that he pulled himself up, brought recording gear with him, and created two albums and his single "Buried By Six." That song led to a record deal with Famous Records, proving that hard work, persistence, and dedication really can pay off. 

To Apply:
Contact Chris Jones

Los Angeles, CA or Virtual 

Job Description:
JoneZen is looking for interns who can help with press, publicity, radio promotion, and touring. Interns will work directly with the artist and management company to obtain reviews, book tours, and secure airplay. They will be provided with contact information and press kits and will be expected to send out press information, make cold calls,  and keep detailed records of their work. 

Potential candidates must be motivated, have a love for music, and an interest in a career in PR, marketing, advertising, or music business. 

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