Intern FAQ: Am I Too Young To Intern?

When should you start interning? The short answer is: immediately. The more time you spend interning, the more experience and contacts you will gain and the better off you will be. I know that that are a lot of doubts and problems that can get in your way. So today we’re addressing one of those frequently asked questions and concerns of someone who has never interned before and is thinking about getting started.

Am I Too Young To Intern?
Probably not. If you’re at least a teenager, it’s fairly likely you’ll be able to find some company willing to let you intern or at least volunteer (in accordance with child labor and employment laws). Yes, it is true that many companies require interns to receive college credit in order to participate, but there are certainly exceptions and they aren’t as hard to find as you might think.

If you can’t find a major music company you still may be able to volunteer at a local show or festival, record label, or studio. You can also get involved in more creative ways by volunteering to help a local band or joining and online street team.

At the end of the day, music interns provide a company with free help and the reality is that there are companies, especially smaller ones who will not refuse that from someone who is passionate and willing to work hard.

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