June 28, 2012

Taking Risks: Better Unsafe Than Sorry

How many times did your mother, aunt, grandmother, teacher, or someone else in your life tell you "better safe than sorry" when it came to doing risky, occaisonally stupid, things as a child? This may be a great motto when it comes to acting like Mary Poppins and trying to fly off your roof with an umbrella (I bet everyone knows at least one kid who tried that). Yet, as we grow older, and tend to become a lot more cautious inherently, this type of outlook isn't always the most helpful. It is scary to take risks and surely there will be some times when mother knows best. But what happens when taking a risk means the difference between going for your dreams or standing up for something you believe in? When it means moving across country to start a new job in a city you have always wanted to live in? What about when it means starting a new venture doing something you are passionate about? Or overcoming your stage fright to get on stage at your first open mic night and share your music with the world? It may be far more risky to sit it out, let the opportunity pass, and spend your days wishing you had tried.

We've been trained most of our lives to be risk averse. Your logic tells you that staying safe and following what you already know will avoid pain. There is another side to risk though filled with growth, learning, success, and achievement, and that side is usually worth the pain.

 So sometimes, when your logic kicks in and tells you that taking a chance to pursue your goals is risky and scary and not worth it, you should just tell it to shut up. In those cases, it is usually better to be unsafe than sorry.
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