What Not to Wear to Work

We’ve talked before about fashion for the workplace and provided some examples of what to wear to an interview. But sometimes, in the vague world of entertainment industry style where jeans and t-shirts are often the norm, it can be more helpful to know what to avoid. So, today we’re going to talk take a look at what you definitely should not wear to work.

Ripped Clothing
Sure, it may be in fashion sometimes and it may look cool on your favorite rockstar, but you should look put together at even the most casual of work environments and this just doesn’t create that image.

Offensive Clothing
What that means will of course change with your audience, but generally that probably means anything related to sex, drugs, politics, race, or religion. A small cross necklace may not offend anyone, but work still isn’t the place for those “Jesus is my homeboy” shirts, it can be controversial. Unless perhaps you work for a Christian music company.

I hope you don’t do this in general, but I remember a phase where girls used to wear pajama pants as regular clothing. In fact, my school made a rule against it because it had become so popular. This, doesn’t just mean though that obvious sleepwear is bad, it also means you generally shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

This should be obvious because there really is nothing professional about fishnets, unless maybe your profession is being Ke$ha. You know what, for that matter, let’s keep anything Ke$ha would wear out of the office.

Short Clothing
Leave the belly shirts, low cut shirts, and mini skirts at home.

Very High Heels
2 or 3 inches is okay, looking like a member of the Spice Girls is not.

Band Shirts
Yep, I know this sounds weird. If you are working at a music company why can’t you wear a shirt from that cool concert you went to last week? Well, for one thing wearing a band t-shirt at a music company seems a bit too cliche and there’s always a chance you could end up actually working with the person on your shirt. Music is also a very passionate topic for those who work in it and you shouldn’t risk getting into a heated debate with your boss about whether or not that band you love is actually a joke. This brings us to the fact that people who love music have no problem judging you based on the music you like and it can be a bad idea to tote that Nickelback t-shirt only to find out your boss loathes them. So, just save the band shirts you cherish for after work. Depending on your office environment, to wear a shirt for a “classic band,” like The Rolling Stones. It can also be alright, again based on company culture, to wear band shirts if you work at a venue or work in punk, metal, or other niche genre where it is generally a part of the culture and aesthetic.

What do you think? What do you avoid wearing to work?

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