March 08, 2012

Women in Music Success Stories: Ariel Hyatt

In honor of International Women's Day all of my tweets and posts for the day are tips and inspiring stories of women who've made an impact in the traditionally male-dominated music industry. So, I'm highlighting some of the accomplishment of one woman whose work in music inspires me.

Ariel Hyatt grew up in New York in the 80s right in the middle of the thriving music scene that influential acts like The Ramones playing legendary venues like CBGB. She began her PR career as an intern in college. Her first "real job" was as an associate producer for a morning show on New York's WNEW FM earning only $60.08 a week. In the 90s she worked as a publicist for a concert promotion and management company, an assistant at a publicity firm working with majors acts, and an assistant to the GM of an indie label. The label moved from New York City to Boulder, CO and she went with them.That is where she founded her own company in 1996, Ariel Publicity.

Today, that company is based in New York City and has grown into one of the preeminent publicity and marketing firms for independent artists, having represented 1,700 clients in seventeen years. She has become an industry thought leader on digital marketing and PR, having begun taking advantage of digital outlets back in 2003 when the technology was still very new, as well as an internationally respected author, educator and speaker.

Ariel doesn't just set the digital precedents though, she truly pays it forward by teaching artists what she learns along the way and shows them how to take their careers in their own hands by following her tested best practices. Her newsletter and YouTube advice series have over 20,000 subscribers and she is the author of two books. Recently, she launched a new 9 week educational course for musician. Ariel regularly speaks at industry conferences and events, including some of the most renowned and respected festivals and seminars like CMJ and SXSW. In fact, college students at Middle Tennessee State University can now take a PR/marketing course based on her successful techniques.

Learn more here:

Ariel Hyatt is an inspiring example of what passion, talent, an an entrepreneurial spirit can accomplish. What do you think of Ariel's story? How does it inspire you?


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