February 21, 2012

The Definitive List of Must-Know Musicians: An Update

A week ago tonight we announced a new community-built project (suggested by some awesome people in last week's #MusicIntern Twitter chat) to create a list of the musicians that anyone who wants to work in the music industry should be familiar with. The list was inspired by the GRAMMY watchers on Twitter who didn't know who Paul McCartney was and a desire to help create a resource for the people studying music who want to learn about the musical greats that have come before and set the precedents for the hits today. I'm excited to say that in a week we already have a list of about 200 artists and a spin-off list in the works for influential producers and engineers. 

So, first I want to thank everyone that has contributed to the list so far! Second, in honor of that, tonight's #MusicIntern chat will be about this project. It needs a name, it needs a bit more direction, and it needs some more specific goals in mind in addition to our larger one of creating an education resource. 

So, if you've contributed so far, are interested in doing so, or just have something on your mind you want to share then please join us tonight! 

View and add to the list here: http://bit.ly/xrV7BR 

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