February 14, 2012

Creating a Definitive List of Must-Know Musicians...And We Need Your Help

By now, you've probably heard about the infamous tweets of young people who didn't know who Paul McCartney was when he took the stage during The GRAMMY Awards this past Sunday. Since this week's #MusicIntern Twitter chat was all about the awards those infamous Twitter comments about McCartney were a big topic of debate. We discussed whose "fault" it was that these teens weren't familiar with him and whether or not there was a way to change that and emphasize the value of musicians who have laid the ground work for today's hits. Regardless, it seems clear that in today's society where even today's hits fight with countless sources of media to capture attention, it seems clear that there is lack of appreciation for the great musicians of the past and that in order to keep the music industry strong its future leaders need to first understand its past.

Ultimately, to be successful in the music industry, you don't need to be born knowing and loving all music. However, you do need to be willing to learn the history and at least find a way to appreciate what you may not necessarily understand. So, the brilliant tweeters in this week's chat suggested we do our part to create a positive change by collectively building a list of must-know musicians. These are the people who set the standards, wrote the hits, sang the classics, and broke new ground; the people everyone who works in the music should at least be familiar with. The Nirvanas, Michael Jacksons, and Paul McCartneys. Sure, that's a big goal, but with your help, I think we can do it.

We Need Your Help
Check out the Google Doc (very much a work in progress) at http://bit.ly/xrV7BR and add anyone you think is missing.
Pass it along and share it with your musically-inclined friends.
Let us know in the comments or on Twitter what you think this project should be called
Tell us what other material you think should be included in this list. Do we need supportive material, a way to vote on who is included, Youtube links, a list of accomplishments? Want do you think?
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