February 13, 2012

Can You Be Too Persistent?

I saw an interesting conversation on Twitter a few days ago between an actor and some fans. Apparently, the actor was overwhelmed by the number of times people were sending the same message in an effort to try to get his attention. He tweeted something saying that trying to get a response via repeating the same message many times wasn't going to work. Most understood but a few people got mad and he spent some time explaining that it wasn't that he didn't appreciate them, it's just that insistently re-sending the same message countless times is not the right way to get his attention. Makes sense, anyone would be annoyed by constantly being contacted again and again by the same person, especially with the exact same message.

Keep that in mind when it comes to job hunting. Yes, you should follow up if you can, but there does come a point where being persistent turns to being obnoxious, and you don't want to find that point.

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