January 03, 2012

Spring Semester Internship at Ariel Publicity

If you're interested in learning about music marketing and publicity then there's probably no better opportunity for you than an internship at Ariel Publicity. After all, Ariel Hyatt literally wrote the books on it.  So, if you missed this opportunity last term, keep reading to learn how to apply! 

Ariel Publicity is a digital music PR firm providing publicity & Internet promotion campaigns for artists, authors, and filmmakers. We understand what it takes for independent artist/entertainers (in any genre) to get the recognition, attention, and sales needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing entertainment industry.
To succeed in any of these areas today, you have to show up where the action is: online — in the brave new world of social media. We place all of our clients on Internet radio stations, social networking sites, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, audio blogs, online music magazines, video sites, regional sites, and any other appropriate outlets. We also target relevant niche markets, exposing our clients to entirely different groups of fans.

We are seeking aggressive go-getters who are willing and eager to learn about this industry and all of the power that online PR and social media possesses. If you want to cut corners and jump through hoops for credit this is not the internship for you. We want dedicated individuals who want to be here.

We truly value our interns at Ariel Publicity. We want them to have a rich, fulfilling experience during their time here. Many companies in the music industry have their interns passing out mail and going on constant coffee-runs. Most interns at these sorts of companies never have the chance to be heard; their ideas are considered beneath the employees. That is not our philosophy and it never will be. Our interns are given a lot of responsibility and are viewed as major contributors to our firm during their time here; they are a vital part of our efforts.
This is a part-time (2 -3 days per week) unpaid internship for college-credit only.

389 12 Street • Brooklyn NY 11215 (Park Slope)

-Love for the entertainment (especially music) industry 
-Strong writing skills -Familiarity with social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.)
-Ability to stay on task, follow directions 
-Ability to receive college credit 
*Some knowledge of Mac’s also a plus

Some of our Past/Current Clients include:

Visit: http://www.arielpublicity.com for more information

To Apply:
E-mail your resume and cover letter to: Jason@arielpublicity.com – attachments only 
Please write “Internship Candidate - (your name) resume and cover letter” in the subject line
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