January 12, 2012

Intern Stories: A Summer at Cyber PR

Interning is more vital than ever in this tough job market and there's no way to better prepare yourself for a job after graduation. Have you ever wondered though what the experience is like or what exactly you can gain from an internship? Chrissy Mickler, recent summer intern at Cyber PR and soon-to-be grad at UNC Chapel Hill, was nice enough to share her experience with us recently. Read on to find out more and if you're interested in having a similar experience, you can apply now to intern at Cypber PR too!
"Interning at Cyber PR was a vital experience that prepared me for the professional workplace. I learned how to write pitches, communicate with media outlets and network in the music industry. 

In today’s world, internships are necessary to succeed in the job market.  We are in a time where we need more than a college education to stand out. Internships give you experience, teach you important skills and provide connections for networking opportunities. In other words, “intern or die” is a common phrases circling university’s career services, the Internet and the general media.
At Cyber PR, I was able to take the things I learned in the classroom and apply them to a real company with real assignments. However, I learned the classroom is very different from actual “work”. While a college education is still extremely important, internships are what make a student stand out as a potential employee. Companies are looking for experience and what skills you learned.

What did I learn at Cyber PR? I learned about the music industry, made connections and improved my writing skills exponentially. The founder Ariel Hyatt actually took the time to sit down with me and critiqued my pitches. I learned how to write concisely with wit and personality. 

Through my internship I learned about the music industry and what it takes to truly succeed. After my experience at Cyber PR I am confident I have the skills and knowledge to succeed in my career goals and aspirations. Thank you to the Cyber PR team for a great summer!"

Chrissy Mickler
Public Relations | Entrepreneurship | Music
UNC-Chapel Hill | Class of 2012
Summer Intern 2011/ Virtual Assistant

Want a similar experience? Find out how to apply by clicking here.
Thanks Chrissy!
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