January 05, 2012

3 Unexpected Business Card Uses

Business cards are a key tool of networking that let you quickly and easily trade contact info with someone wherever you meet them. Frequently though, young people, musicians, students, artists, and artists aren't quite sure of what, if anything, they can accomplish with a business card. If you're feeling like a business card might be a waste of your time and money, here's a few creative ways to use them to your advantage. 

A business card doesn't need to just be about your phone number, name and email. It can serve as a marketing tool in the same way that a poster, flyer, or postcard might. This is especially true for designers who can actually use a business card as a mini showcase for their work. Moo is a wonderful tool for doing that and allows you to put up to 100 different images on a set of business cards. This means it's possible to literally use it as a small, mobile portfolio of your design work, just as this photographer did

If you're not a designer, you can still use that type of display to your advantage it's just a matter of using a little creativity. If you're a musician, you could use them as mini flyers for your tour, video, website, or album. If you're an artist manager, highlight each of your artists with a different card design. Are you an producer? You use QR codes to direct people to listen to your demos right from your business cards. 

Maybe you're a student looking for an internship and you think that the second someone sees your student business cards they're going to stop caring? Why not turn your business card into a mini resume then by highlighting your skills and experience? One great example is how this site offers actors the ability to turn their business cards into a miniature resume and headshot. 

You probably already use business cards to share your information when you meet someone but you can also use them as a way to connect yourself with the work you are doing. If you're working with a local artist as their publicist, you could include your business card in with press mailing to give people an easy way to know who to call and connect your efforts with your name. You can do the same if you are sending out physical copies of resumes for job applications or thank you notes after an interview. In a way, it's kind of a personal branding technique similar to what you might do on social networks. 

Whether it's QR codes, portfolios, branding, or a resume, business cards can be more than just a way to share your contact info. So next time you order a batch, get a little creative and see what new ideas you can come up with to help you stand out from the crowd. 

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