November 14, 2011

Get A Life: Why You Need Non-Musical Hobbies

Did you grow up pursuing music activities in any and all forms? Band, choir, lessons, musicals, your own band, songwriting, listening to it, et cetera? If you're at all like me music has always been your hobby, your passion, your dream career and essentially, your life. Now, though, that that dream career is beginning to bud into a reality you'll find that what was once your hobby has quickly become your work. I'd say this is great! There is, after all, nothing better than doing what you love. The trouble is that when your work gets you stressed you'll have nowhere else to turn to blow off some steam. I know, right now you're thinking you'll never reach a point where music manages to stress you out, so let me tell you instead about one of my most memorable interview experiences.

I was interviewing for what was essentially my dream internship at a company I loved that was home to several great artists. This wasn't my first internship so I was fortunate enough to feel confident in my resume and experience. Everything went well until the interviewer asked me what else I do that isn't related to music. I didn't really have an answer because there wasn't much else. I studied music in school,  worked with artists in between, and wrote songs and listened to music for fun. Too bad when I said something like that my interviewer told me that was the wrong answer. Uh-oh. Thankfully, I did finally think of something to say, but what if I hadn't? I did spend most of my time pursuing musical activities and realized for the first time that day that what used to be a hobby wasn't any longer.

If this sounds like you then please try to expand your tastes now and pick up something new. Study a new language, create website, take up a sport, collect something, learn how to surf, write, volunteer, join a non-music club, just do something! Because at the end of the day companies want to hire someone who is well-rounded and has another way to fill their time besides music.
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