September 14, 2011

Workplace Makeup

An example of work-friendly makeup
When it comes to fashion and clothing the music industry is pretty liberal. Tattoos,  jeans. piercings, and even flip flops are regularly seen around the office, so it could stand to reason that it's also perfectly acceptable to let your makeup serve as a tool for self expression too, right? Well, not exactly. If you're working at a label famous for its work in metal, scene, punk, emo, etc., then it might okay to be a bit more creative, but for the most part you should keep it pretty tame. Essentially, the same rules apply to makeup as do clothing, accessories, tattoos, etc.: you can be yourself but you still need to look presentable and put together. That's because you still may need to run errands, meet clients, go to meetings, or do other activities where you will serve as a face of the company. So, even if you're working for Ke$ha's record label, the office is still not the place to demonstrate your affinity for glitter, blue lipstick, feathers, and heavy eye makeup. 

Here are some makeup and beauty tips to keep in mind for work, both in the music industry and otherwise:

  • Keep it simple
  • Stick to neutral tones and colors fairly close to your natural coloring
  • Stick to waterproof or long-wear products to avoid running
  • Avoid anything too glittery or shimmery
  • Don't wear too much of anything. No heavy eye makeup, intense lip color, eyeliner, dark blush, etc.
  • A smokey eye effect is ok, but only if it isn't too dark, heavy, or dramatic 
  • Avoid being too trendy
  • If it's something you would wear to a club or bar you probably shouldn't wear it to work
  • Keep perfumes and other scents to a minimum or avoid them at all, some are allergic or just find them annoying
  • Keep nails reasonably short and if you use polish, keep it classy and simple 
  • If you're unsure, look to the other women in your office for visual cues 
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