September 19, 2011

Living Well On A Student/Intern Budget

The economy is tough for everyone right now, but especially for students and un- or low paid interns. With the costs of everything from gas and food to textbooks and tuition as high as they've been in most of our lifetimes, how do you still manage to have some money left over for anything else? Here's a few tips and tools to save some money.

Payless Texts
Everyone needs new shoes at some point and Payless is one of the best places to get trendy shoes at an affordable price. You can get discounts sent straight to your phone that can actually be used on top of existing deals- such as taking an extra 15% of off BOGO. You can join by texting PAYLESS to 747474.

Rent Textbooks

Textbooks are a huge source of student spending and is generally unavoidable if you want to pass your classes. One newer way to save though is by renting them. Some college bookstores offe this on their own and another popular site with that option is Chegg You can also do that through Amazon by ordering your books there and then returning them when you are done for an Amazon gift card.

Amazon Student 
This is one of the things I miss most about being a student so I hope you all take advantage of it. Amazon offers free two-day shipping for students and release day shipping on new products. It can save a lot of money and hassle over time.

Redbox Free Rentals
Most college campuses probably have at least Redbox on or nearby their campus, but if you aren't familiar Redbox lets you rent a movie for about $1 (prices vary a bit by state) and return it to any Redbox machine the next night. If you're late it's only $1 more per day. Even if you're familiar with the service, you may not know that you can get one free rental a month by signing up for their text message  club. Text SIGNUP to 727272 and they will send you a code for a free rental on the first of each month.

Social Coupon Sites
If you haven't signed up for a social coupon site like Groupon or Living Social yet, you should check them out. They offer big discounts on entertainment, food, beauty and spa treatments, sightseeing, and more.
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