August 26, 2011

Music Industry Case Study: Octone Records

As a graduate of an MBA program, I've spent a lot of time reading case studies and I think they're a great way to learn about business in a more realistic way than a text book can provide. So, I'm going to share some recommendations for music industry specific case studies that can help you learn more about the specific problems facing our industry. I'm starting with one of my favorite companies, A&M/Octone Records, formerly- and in this case study- just Octone Records.

Octone was, and still is, the home of multi-platinum acts Maroon 5 and Flyleaf and was facing a decision of how to move forward with both their business and a third musician on their roster, Michael Tolcher. The case gives some interesting details on the promotional and marketing plans behind their record releases along with the financial to back it. Overall, it provides a good, real world understanding of what it takes to build the career of a successful artist. Octone does things a little differently though and aims to find the best of both worlds between a major and an independent record label. So, the case also spends some time on the development of this innovative business model and features insights from Octone's talented executives and founders like James Diener, David Boxenbaum, and Ben Berkman.

The case is available from Harvard Business Review for $6.95 and is a wonderful read for anyone intersted in learning more about the inner workings of a record label.
Get more info and purchase the case here: Octone Case Study

- Katie
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