May 16, 2011

Embrace the Chaos

Sometimes when I try to write a new post I get a unique kind of writer's block. This isn't an "I'm out of ideas" problems. It's a fear problem. See I have a problem right now that most of you reading this can probably relate to: I have no idea what my life will be like a few months from now. I had classmates all around me securing post-MBA jobs while my search had barely started (not because I'm slacker but because the nature of the music industry tends to mean most people hire on an as needed basis, so searching too early seemed strange).

Sometimes, job hunting makes me nervous about the future. How do I actually find a job I like in such a tough environment and how do I deal with the fact that the decisions I make in the next several months will probably establish the direction for my entire career? That's tough and I'm sure most of you understand that. It's hard to come to terms with the unknown and the uncertainty of where your search will lead you. Even worse is the fear that it will only lead you back to your parent's couch!

Many of you are probably graduating in the next few weeks (or recently have). Some of you may have jobs lined up (congrats!), but some of those jobs may be far different from what you want to do. Many of you are probably still unsure and are feeling frustrated and stuck. This brings me though to a recent development in my life (and why I haven't posted as much recently).

An old knee injury recently came back to haunt me and it has forced me to adjust my priorities. Instead of wondering where I'll find a job in the next month or so, I'm setting up doctor's appointments, going to physical therapy, and trying to avoid getting surgery. In a few months I intend to be back to working in the music industry (so feel free to contact me if you're looking to hire! - haha). Right now, I have no idea where that will be or how that will happen, but I do know that first my knee needs to be better. So, I have to take it one step at a time and trust that eventually my plan will lead me there. If it doesn't, then I'll try again.

 You can only control so much and unfortunately it's likely that at some point things will go wrong. If you spend your time worrying, stressing, and waiting for the perfect moment to make the right move, life will catch you off guard and you won't be ready when the opportunity arises. You can't control what may happen tomorrow but you can make a plan and take steps towards making your dream a reality. Don't worry so much about the future, figure out what you can do right now to get you one step closer and do it, eventually those little steps will lead to a big change.

Katie Reilly 
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