April 19, 2011

Music Industry Summer Programs:McNally Smith in St. Paul Minnesota

If you're in high school you may be a bit too young to do an internship this summer. Not to worry though, there are still many other great ways to learn about the music industry. One of the best is through music industry summer camps and programs. This is part 3 of my series on summer programs around the country. You can check out part one on Philly and part two on Boston. Today's is about a program in St. Paul, MN.

McNally Smith
August 16-21
St. Paul, MN

McNally Smith is a great music college with many different degree options for people interested in working in the music industry. One of my favorite parts of their programs is their willingness to work with students to help them find a great internship and housing. In fact I made some great friends from McNally through an internship in LA. Their school helped them set up everything and even offered a nice place to stay.

In they summer McNally Smith turns its attention to the high school crowd though and offers a week long music industry program for students age 13-19. For the first time this year McNally Smith will also be opening up it's dorms to host summer workshop students that need housing.

Students in the program can choose to concentrate in either recording, performance, or business and take classes taught by the school's faculty. The program costs $400, lunch is $60 a day, housing is $400, and airport pickup is $50. You can register for the program or find out more info here.
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