April 11, 2011

Music Industry Summer Programs: Berklee College of Music in Boston

Summer is usually about internships, but if you're a high school student there can be another great way to learn about the music industry over your break: summer programs. Here's the second part of my series on different music summer programs around the country. Today's is in Boston. You can check out the first part on Philadelphia here

Berklee College of Music offers a two day workshop about the music industry that includes various workshops, breakout sessions, and panel discussions. Berklee also offers a music production workshop that offers courses in synthesizers, production, recording, media scoring, and more. Berklee also offers a number of other workshops including songwriting, vocal performance, guitar, and day sessions for middle school students. The programs all have varying dates and fees but, other than the day sessions for middle school students, participans must be at least 15 years old when the program begins.

You can find out more information here: Berklee Summer Program
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