April 27, 2011

Legal Interning Tip #5

A law office an be an intimidating place.  They are filled with intelligent people in expensive suits who are busy being very busy and who often expect you to complete difficult tasks quickly.  It can be hard to get to know anyone in this kind of environment, and it is easy to lose yourself in trying to impress higher ups with your work.  Don't let the formal surroundings and stress get to you.  The lawyer in your supervisor wants you to do a thorough and efficient job, but the human in your supervisor also wants to work with someone who's interesting and fun to be around.  Don't get so lost in your work that you forget to take the time to relax and get to know your supervisor or anyone else in the office on a human level.  These relationships are invaluable, and will give you an edge whenever you need a recommendation or when the firm is looking to hire.  So work hard while you're at the office, but not so hard that you miss opportunities to relax and have fun with your coworkers.

- Lauren
lauren@internlikearockstar.com | Twitter: @Musicn3rd
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