April 06, 2011

Don't Take No For An Answer:Lessons from Silicon Alley Job Fair

When you're looking for a job the words "no" and "rejection" might seem far too familiar. Surely you've heard the phrase in this post's title before:"don't take no for an answer." You may have even frustratedly wondered how that's actually possible. After all, you don't usually get that much of a say and you can only be so pushy and enthusiastic before it becomes annoying, right? So what exactly are all these crazy people talking about when they say not to let no be an answer? Well, a little creativity and open-mindedness can help you turn that disappointment into an opportunity and the upcoming Silicon Alley Job Fair is a fantastic example (not to mention a great, upcoming outlet for helping you in your actual job hunt).
Silicon Alley Job Fair
The story begins with the New York Startup Job Fair taking place this Friday in New York City.
The fair apparently only had space to host 40 companies but many more had applied. On Monday, when the rejection email went out to 80 companies one small technological oversight changed everything: the person sending the email had used the CC function instead of BCC. These companies used this to their advantage and decided to reply and discuss with each other. They quickly began putting together their own startup job fair to take place soon, also in New York City. The Silicon Alley Job Fair has already captured the attention of Mashable, garnered a Twitter following of nearly 150, and established a sign-up form for companies looking to participate. 

Of course this presents a great opportunity for those of you who are job hunting, but the real lesson lies in the power of cooperation, creativity, and initiative that made this job fair possible. These companies didn't allow a rejection to stop them from reaching their goal. They took a chance and made their own opportunity (and I would expect nothing less of entrepreneurs) without waiting for someone to pick them. That is the true application of not taking no for an answer. If you're tired of hearing no yourself, maybe the correct response isn't frustration,it's creative thinking.

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