March 29, 2011

Resume Tips: Keeping your resume out of the discard pile

You could have impressive work experience, test scores, and skills but your resume could still end up in the discard pile. Why? I've compiled a short resume tip list based on complaints about intern resumes from the very people that look them over.

  • Eliminate spelling errors - Yes, it's true that potential employers tend to skim resumes but you know what tends to stick out? Errors. Read and reread your resume for errors and ask a couple friends to look over it too.

  • Keep it to one page - I know you've done many awesome things and you don't want to leave a single one off of your resume but trust me, your resume should not be longer than one page. Cut it down. Tailor your resume to the specific position you are applying for (may not be exactly the same for different applications) and take out anything that may not be relevant.

  • Make key points stick out - In order to fit the resume on a single page, don't crowd it with text in small fonts. A potential employer should be able to easily skim the resume so keep it simple. Use action words and formatting to highlight the information that is the most important and make it pop.

Katie Hazard | Digital Artist, User Experience Designer | @katie_hazard
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