March 11, 2011

Learn From My Mistakes:Scheduling an Interview

I had an interview last week. At least I thought I did.

Long story short, someone at a company had emailed me to set up an interview. A time was suggested and I replied saying that would be great and figured we were good to go from there. It turned out my reply was never seen and is possibly floating around cyberland somewhere.

Email, texts, social networks, and other forms of instant, digital communication are great ways to easily reach people. The trouble is they are not always entirely reliable. We, especially our generation, have come to rely far too much on them for communicating important things, working on group projects, and scheduling events (when was the last time you got a real invite in the mail that was not for a wedding?). Yet some things are far too important to leave to newfangled (yes, I feel old writing that word) technology. In situations like this, it is probably best to stick to the phone or at very least confirm and be sure that everyone is one the same page.
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